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Quality patient education materials for your massage therapy practice.

Our massage therapy brochures, posters, handouts and vinyl decals are all ideally suited to help educate your patients and support the growth of your massage therapy practice. 

  • Fresh Designs
  • Patient Friendly Content
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We have a team of massage therapists, educators, graphic artists, photographers, writers and contributing editors all dedicated to providing you with the highest quality materials for your massage therapy practice. Our team understands how important it is for you to convey clear, professional and congruent messages to your patients, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when producing our resource materials. We are committed to being an ongoing support for your practice, your patients and your community! Thank you for allowing us to serve your practice at the highest level. 


“I run a busy multi-disciplinary practice and utilize Massage Media products throughout the clinic. It is so refreshing to see professional, up-to-date patient education materials for massage therapy. Thank you for the care you've put into your products, keep up the great work!”

Dr. Megan M - Chiropractor / Clinic Director

“My patient education and engagement has increased dramatically since using Massage Media products! My patients comment on the designs every single day in practice; allowing me to engage in new conversations and opening the doors to better patient involvement and retention. Thank you for your dedication!”

Hollis Wambolt, RMT